Monday, 7 April 2014

Who'd distribute it?

I think that a local news channel (BBC/ITV- N.E) or even the official club (NUFCTV) would distribute my product, this is because it is based in a niche audience. This meaning that my product will only interest a small section of the documentary audiences, this being because it is based on Football and in particular Newcastle United, this is what makes it a niche audience. With this being a short film with no biased views it, another point would be that although it would not create a profit, it would increase audience figures, this because if on a local news you would get the additional consumers tuning into the show for the feature piece (My Product). I would not be reinforcing a similar product during this either so it would not be competing with anything similar but perhaps it could be competing with other things on the TV at the same time, although this would not matter as it is aimed at a niche audience.

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