Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Contents Page (School Mag)- Preliminary Task


This is the final product for the contents page we had to design for our school magazine, I looked at many different style models in the preperation for this but could not decide on any so I went for an orginal design which I came up with myself. Also the images are also all took by myself as it was part of the specfication like I said in my other post. I tried to use a few different types of pictures so that it kept the magazine up beat and interesting.I used a few different types of font and kept a similar colour pallet throughout the whole magazine, this is called a house style. This makes it to that is is conventional to my magazine and sets it out from the rest.

The Front Cover (School Mag)- Preliminary Task

  This is the finished front cover of my school magazine, throughout the magazine I developed a house style, this consistsed of a chosen set of fonts (up to 2) and a colour pallet, I went with a bluey sort of colour as it simbolises a new beginging and bright skys which suggests new prospects for the school in the coming accademic year (New school year). In additon I put an outer glow around my main image as gold as this simbolises the star pupil which is one of the main tags on the magazine so it draws back into that which works effectively. I also included links to the Twitter and Facebook pages as this occours a lot now since the introduction of modern technoclogy the use is social networking is a very good way of distrubting and publishing information to a wider audience.


Hi there, I'm ryan batey and this blog was my idea! Yeah.. well.. I am currently studying at Heworth Grange sixth form and this blog is for showing all my work for Media, on this blog I will post all of my work which will vary from plans to finished peices and the odd evaulation, ENJOY!