Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Feature Article, Part 4

This is the the first draft of my finished Feature Article, as you can see I have kept with the house style of the whole magazine and also the colour pallet, I put the interview in which I written to myself after it was checked by my tutor.

Feature Areticle, Part 3

This is the update of my feature article, as you can see I have added a intorudction underneath the main title of the Feature Artcicle. I have again chose to go with the house style pallet and text.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Feature Article, Part 2

This is the furthest update of my front cover, as you can see I have just added my header on the other side of the double page spread. As you can see I have kept in line with the house style.

Feature Article, Part 1.

This is the update on my Feature Article, I have so far added my image. Also I have kept in line with my own flatplan style by putting in the "Fact File" tab, I have also kept with the house style of the magazine by using similar fonts and colour pallets.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Feature Article- Flat Plan.

Here is a rough idea of my flat-plan for my feature article.

First Draft, Feature Article.

Feature Article Update, Questions.

F.A Questions

  • Who is your role model in the music world?
  • Have you ever thought, "Is this lifestyle for me"?
  • Have you ever been so moved by a song?
  • Is there anything you would do differently in your career so far?
  • Who would you like to be as famous as?
  • Who would you want to do a tour/concert with and why?
  • Do you ever get lost in the music?
  • How important is music to you?
  • When and why did you decide to become a musician?
  • What do you feel as you play music?
  • Do you get nervous before you go on? If so how do you handle them?
  • How do newer songs differ from your new material?
  • What is your thoughts on Online sales?
  • How do you feel about illegally downloading music?
  • What have you overcame to be the person in the music industry which you are today

Monday, 18 March 2013

Magazine- Structure, Part 5. Full Magazine

This is the final stage of my magazine of which I have added sub stories, this again is a mazgine filler but also I have used this to keep the magazine looking like a real magazine which is important. In addtion as you can see I have also kept the house style intact with the same text colours and not overusing different fonts.

Magazine- Structure, Part 4

This is the next stage of my music magazine, I have progressed to putting on text which will link into the feature article. This shows that the feature article will be about the "Artist" in the main image and also I have kept the house style of the magazine, in the fact I have kept the Purple font as a large circle shape but changed some colours slightly. In additon I kept the text white as it is in most of the magazine already or at least outlined.

Magazine- Structure, Part 3

The magazine has now progressed further as I have managed to put my Masthead on, this not only begins to bring the theme and house style of the magazine together but also is the main title and name of the magazine, I also decided that my house style will be in the Purple font region, in additon I only intend to use several fonts, this gives it real magazine characteristics.

Magazine- Structure, Part 2

In the second phase of my magazine development I decided I would put a Skyline on the top of the front page this was an added extra to make the magazine have a more realistic feel and it also matched the house style of my style model, in additon it also helped in the fact that it covered up space which would have otherwise not been used and perhaps wasted. I also added the Barcode to give it the "Real Magazine" feel.

Magazine- Structure, Part 1

This is what I first started the process of my magazine, after taking my own orginal images I decided I would use one of my images as my main background. This would then tie in so that I could base mu feature article with my front cover, this then shows the "Artist" on the front cover will be the main feature of the magazine also.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Flat plan view

This was my rough draft of what was my flat plan of how my magazine would be layed out, as you can still in comparssion to the actual magazine I have stuck to it pretty well and tried to keep within the guidelines I had set, although more text may be added to the front cover in the near futrure if I decide to. If so I will put an updated flat plan on.


This is the latest and much improved persion of my front cover, the main difference is that I have actually took my orginal image and put it in, also I began to tinker with the layout and also with the colour and text pallet. The cover will more than likely be changed before the end as there is still imporvements to be made but at the moment I am reasonably happy with the cover.

Feature Article update

Today I began to write my feature article. I decided I would structure this into different sections, these being one which had a fact file about my "Artist" and also the other section being the main questions asked. I did not use a style model to come up with the structure although the second phase of my structure is usually conventinal in any interview.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Front Cover- Update.

I have began to make up my final front cover. The problems have encounterd with trying to match the background of the image and the colour and title of my magazine name. I have to now try and match the background and the image and so it looks suitable.