Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Feature Article Update, Questions.

F.A Questions

  • Who is your role model in the music world?
  • Have you ever thought, "Is this lifestyle for me"?
  • Have you ever been so moved by a song?
  • Is there anything you would do differently in your career so far?
  • Who would you like to be as famous as?
  • Who would you want to do a tour/concert with and why?
  • Do you ever get lost in the music?
  • How important is music to you?
  • When and why did you decide to become a musician?
  • What do you feel as you play music?
  • Do you get nervous before you go on? If so how do you handle them?
  • How do newer songs differ from your new material?
  • What is your thoughts on Online sales?
  • How do you feel about illegally downloading music?
  • What have you overcame to be the person in the music industry which you are today

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