Monday, 28 January 2013

Images- Planning

For the project we have to take a vary amount of images for our magazine, so I need to now think of the best possible pictures which will suite and take to my front cover well. When taking pictures I need to think about the different types that can be taken and how they will help reflect the genre.

Planning- Location & Pictures

Today I began to have a much indepth thought about the locations for my main images (Front cover, Feature Article, Contents) this is vitally important because as a teacher group we all agreed that the better the image the better the project, so I then began to think of locations which would suite and reflect my genre fully and also the aspects of costume, this can play a vital role in establishing and representing the genere of my magazine.

Its time to manage.

As part of my organisation of a planning, I began to construct a timeline with the aim that I could manage out my project and also use my time well enough to make the project as good as I could. In additon I planned out not only to do planning sheet this week but also dive deeper for some insight to potential style models for my magazine, this will help create my own house style for a magazine but also use a magazine (Real) to help influence me in my decisons and choices.