Thursday, 27 February 2014

Basic Narrative Theory & Comparing.

The narrative theory which I will firstly touch on is Shrek (The original) and I will later compare it against my own documentary which is about Newcastle United Football Club.


Firstly in Shrek it follows a structure about characters. The characters are as follows; Shrek who is the hero, Fiona who is the princess, Donkey who is the doner/helper, Lord Farquaad and the Fairy Godmother whom are the villans and Puss in Boots who is also classed as the doner.

It also follows Todorov's structure which is followed as:

1) Chilling in the swamp
2) The villans try and take Shrek's swamp
3) Shrek strikes a deal to keep his swamp in return for a quest
4) Shrek then embarks on a journey on the quest which then turns into winning Fiona's heart
5) The final step is when he is back in his swamp all happy.

This follows the three step structure which is; Equilibrium-Disequilibrium-New Equilibrium.  


Our documentary structure doesn't really follow a conventionally structure of known sorts but we have devised our piece to create an argument against the ownership but also to show the passion and better sides of the club. This is known as being subjective with a mix of facts and opinion.

In our piece we had three interviews we had Steve Wraith (Editor of Toon Talk), Joe Allon (Former Newcastle player) and Neil Cameron (Local journalist)