Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Feature article part 4

In the final steps of creating my feature article I have added the text columns and also a small heading at the bottom of the page which tells the reader when they can watch the documentary and I have also added a large BBC logo which then allows the viewers to gather that the program will be aired on the BBC. 

Feature article part 3

This is the development on my feature article, I have added a large image of myself and my project partner Liam, this is so that people know who have done the documentary and will allow people to put a face to the people behind the documentary (as the interview will be based around our ideas on the documentary). I have also added a short description on what the documentary is and also what it is based around. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Feature article part 2

This is how my feature article has progressed, I have added a page separator this is so it looks more realistic but the major change/development is the fact I have added a tag line at the top of the page "EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW" this is in block capitals so if flicking through a magazine this article will stand out at the top of the page and also it adds originality but it also shows that the magazine has used a style model. The style model which I used was from TV choice and the majority of their articles.

Feature article part 1

This is the first step of making my feature article, I have added the main heading of the program in the same font, this is so that people will automatically link together, in addition I have decided to add a neutral background whilst also adding page numbers to make it more realistic.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Poster part 3

For the final step of creating my poster I added the BBC logo this tells people who is distributing the product but it can also make people want to watch it as it is distributed by a well rebound and respected company in the BBC.

Poster part 2

I have now added the large title on top of my poster, this is the title of the program, this lets people know what the program will be about (if you didn't figure it out with the SBR statue) "Talking Toon" will be familiar words with many people as one of the nicknames of Newcastle United is "The Toon" so people will then draw people into knowing the subject.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Poster part 1

This is the first part of my poster, I have decided to follow most of the style models which I have seen for the posters (which are vary unusual to actually have) but ones which do have a poster to promote the tv programs upcoming are usually based on one large image and then just the title of the program- in my case this is a documentary. I have used an image I have taken at St James Park (Newcastle United football stadium) this is because my documentary is based on the club. The main image is of the statue of Sir Bobby Robson who is a local hero who managed the club. I used this image so people know who he is and also ties people back into the theme which is Newcastle United.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Who'd distribute it?

I think that a local news channel (BBC/ITV- N.E) or even the official club (NUFCTV) would distribute my product, this is because it is based in a niche audience. This meaning that my product will only interest a small section of the documentary audiences, this being because it is based on Football and in particular Newcastle United, this is what makes it a niche audience. With this being a short film with no biased views it, another point would be that although it would not create a profit, it would increase audience figures, this because if on a local news you would get the additional consumers tuning into the show for the feature piece (My Product). I would not be reinforcing a similar product during this either so it would not be competing with anything similar but perhaps it could be competing with other things on the TV at the same time, although this would not matter as it is aimed at a niche audience.