Monday, 25 February 2013

Construction of The Front cover.

This is my current front cover which I have have been working on. This is my first draft of what I have currently done so at this point things could change before the end of the project. I took several images but decided that none were to a standard of which I wanted for my photo's so at the moment I have a picture of the internet in its place but I intend to schedule another shoot. I have kept the writing basic so that it is easy to read. have purposly put the image in the centre of the front page so that it was identified that the magazine main focus would be around the person who was in the picture, I took this layout from my style model which is from "VIBE" the magazine. I also took the style of the magazine for how I would base the whole front cover and not only how I postioned the main image, this was so that the front cover looked realistic but also so that it would have my own edge about it which also creatives orginality.

Feature Article

I am going to write a feature atricle for my music magazine project, I intend to do this in a interview style. This will be based around and up and coming star who is quickly rising through the music industry. The artist will fit into the genre of which my music magazine represents.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Planning- Style Model

Before I began to do my front cover for my project I firstly began to look at magazines which were out in the market at the moment which we're similar to the sort I was about to produce. I then began to look at more R&B and Chart magazine as this would be the genre of my magazine.
After looking at various magazines I chose the magazine "VIBE" to be my style model. I style model is used so that you can draw ideas from it and help you stick to a stereotypical theme for your magazine.