Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Evaluation: How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?‏

New media has massively helped in the construction of my products, these being my short film, poster and feature article. Firstly the biggest way that new media technology helped me develop my products was via the new software, applications and the internet which are available to use, but this does not mean just putting it together it also means establishing all the other pieces to fit the jigsaw.

A main way new media has helped me with constructing my project was in the first instance was a video camera and normal camera, although slightly overlooked in the first instance the quality of film and image is absolutely vital so the advancement in this sector of digital technology allowed my product to be of a high standard and helped enhance authenticity. Another way that new media has helped construct my product is what I touched on before that being new software, the main two programs which I used to create my Poster, Feature Article and Short Film are Adobe Photoshop and also iMovie. With Photoshop it has allowed me to create an original yet authentic project by allowing me to edit material such as add text with effects which include Drop-Shadow which adds an extra dimension to the text and makes it stand out, also you can import own photographs and edit those via cropping and adding effects to the image or for example create a boarder around the image.

iMovie on the other hand allows you to cut film to the length you need, edit it with effects which can include changing the colour of the footage to reflect the mood or theme, for example for my short film I decided some parts would be in black and white which many people know as the traditional colours of Newcastle United whom I base my documentary about. You can also add transitions between frames this means that the footage has a better flow to it and can also help increase the authenticity and originality of the product. You can also do several other things on iMovie another feature I used was to add text to my footage.

New technology has also helped in the research and planning aspect of creating my project. In the aspect of research this is via the internet where so many different style models to develop your own ideas from, this can be from people posting their own amateur posters/feature articles and also professional magazine's which usually have there own websites. It has also allowed me to gain ideas from other peoples projects in the past which I can implement my ideas onto. In addition it has allowed me to view professional documentaries and gain ideas in that sense from the most successful sports documentaries and general documentaries to then see the main codes and conventions and then decide which I could use for my project.

In terms of planning the new media has allowed it to be more accessible, lets not dismiss the use of Microsoft Office which helps you establish a clear plan, also you can use various internet methods to do preliminary plans and then post these onto the internet. The internet is still just as valuable in this process as it allows to not only post on updates but see how a professional product looks and how you should look to use various examples to make it look just as authentic.

The development of new media has also assisted me in my evaluation, this being because of I have used several different applications to showcase my work, I have used Sound Cloud which allows you to post voice recordings, I have also used Prezi which is an on-line presentation application in addition I have used YouTube to post my video material on and also used the good old fashioned text boxes.

I have posted all these stages onto my Blog's, this is because you should not discount the fact that the Blog is actually part of the new technology, it has allowed me to post all the relevant information to my project but also post it in an easily accessible place using different pieces of software. What also makes using the Blog a good idea is the fact that you are already publishing your work to a much wider audience meaning that it is active 24/7, lets also not forget perhaps my primary audience for this project could possibly be posting on there work via the internet. The web is now in a new era this being WEB 2.0- which means that consumer is now being the prosumer. To conclude the blog is always active as is the evolving of the new methods of media technology, they both go hand in hand.

Evaluation: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?‏

Evaluation: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?